Wednesday, October 19, 2011


hi everyone!

warm greetings from one of the many ladyfest HQs, here with lots of exciting news and information!

firstly, confirmed events:
we're hosting a lot of these to 
1. raise the money we need to put on an incredible 3-day fest, featuring music, workshops, dancing, singing, vegan and vegetarian food, and more!!
2. aid in building a community of feminists - this includes ALL folks who identify. all are welcome to participate, contribute, and speak their piece. (best way to do THAT is to contact us at boston dot ladyfest at gmail!)

10.31: is halloween! we're hosting a riot grrrl cover show at charlie's kitchen! more information can be found here!

12.9: LFB teams up with the Coolidge Corner Theatre, a non-profit movie theater that features indie films and cool events, to bring you
a midnight movie event!
a film that documents the involvement of women in the DIY punk community. reviews have been great and we can't wait to see this!
there will be bands, too. more on that shortly!
this date is subject to change 

1.13.12: LFB and the Washington Street Art Center bring you a feminist art show called "Adventures Close to Home" and this night is the show's opening!
on that night there will be drinksladydjs! and fun!
the exhibit will be up throughout january, and all paintings are for sale via silent auction.
if you'd like to submit work - and ANYONE can do this - please stay tuned!!! we'll have a call for work up within the next few days.

second - events that are in the works!
we're working on a pre-fest workshop series!! these will run from mid-november throughout january, and will be BOTH informational and craft-based. 
much more information about this within the next week.

in either november or december, LFB and Lorem Ipsum Books will host a panel discussion of feminist filmmakers who will also show their works. this will be a super fun event with refreshments!!
again, more information as we have it!

what else are we doing?
a bunch of us have been spending time over at occupy boston to see how things are shaping up! definitely happy to report that there now exists a women's caucus! for tons of information, email OBwomen at gmail dot com. 

we've also been booking the actual fest!
we have a lot confirmed so far.
alice bag, legendary LA punk, will speak and read from violence girl, her recently published book. this will happen on february 5, the last day of the fest! OMG indeed!
read here for more information on violence girl and click here if you can't believe this amazing news and want to cry/laugh/cheer in excitement.
we know we do.

lots of bands are confirmed, too. 
we encourage you to peruse these links! some lead to bandcamp pages, others to videos!! for your listening pleasure:

these are a lot of INCREDIBLY awesome bands, and i encourage you to click those links and check out their music! you will not be disappointed.
(the creator of this post has listened to her brain f single about a dozen times today, but that is beside the point)
really, can you even believe that mix of bands?! we are so excited. do we keep saying that? totally can't help it.

ANYWAY, we have more news coming soon but that is all for now!
as always, check out our facebook page, and PLEASE contact us at boston dot ladyfest at gmail if you'd like to be involved. 

we're looking for help with just about everything, from photography to web design to physical help at the fest.

we're also sending a call out to DIY VENDORS! in the area who would like to be on site during the fest.

more information soon!
ladyfest boston 

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